Context: Current employer since September 2021
Roll: Junior UX/UI Designer
Software Used: Figma, Miro, Coda, Slack

Company Description
Intraloop is a feedback tool that unlocks access to the innovation process
by giving enterprises and their communities an interconnected space to
collaborate and make data-driven decisions.

Company Description
Intraloop has worked with a number of stakeholders in the equipment
ecosystem to develop a platform capable of truly capturing, packaging,
and coordinating equipment information. We’ve spoken to all military services
and individuals of varying ranks and responsibilities. We’ve gathered
feedback from military vendors, academics, and commercial companies and
derived several key insights.

Portfolio Restrictions
As an employer of Intraloop, I have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement
(NDA). In my contract, I have agreed to conceal the identity of our clients
in addition to some of our work. With respect to this agreement, much of my
design work is not visually displayed but the process and my role at the
company are explained.
Designing Mobile and Desktop Screens
As a Junior UX/UI designer, I spend most of my work hours designing
screens for our mobile and desktop platform. The work typically starts
with our design team working together, then we switch to doing individual
and asynchronous work.​​​​​​​
We use insights from past interviews to create scenarios that best highlight the key features of our product. As part of the design team, I make screen flows based on these scenarios, then review final designs with the team before creating clickable prototypes.
Customer Interviews
Through video chat, the product team has discovery interviews
with the customer to learn more about their needs, wants, and
pain points. During these external meetings, I help the team by reviewing the questions and taking thorough notes during the
Our Design Process
Interview Decomposition
Using Miro and Coda I help decomp our interview notes to find key insights.
Scenario Build-out
Using our insights, we build out scenarios that best show how our product could be used for our customers.
Crazy Eight’s
Using Miro, I participate in generating quick sketches of how our UI could be designed for each scenario.
Initial Prototyping Using Figma
The design team breaks up the work of creating initial wireframes for each scenario step.
Review with Team
The initial wireframes are reviewed among all members of the product team to make sure we are correctly tracking the scenario.
Final Edits & Wiring Prototype
The designers implement the feedback and wire up the clickable prototypes on Figma. We review and edit as many times as we can before presenting to the customer.
Operational Tasks
Although design takes up the majority of my tasks at Intraloop, I also help
with small operational tasks for the company.
Facilitate Friday Meetings
Every week I am in charge of running our morning Friday meetings that serve as a standup and working sessions. I make sure that any outstanding questions are answered and any working projects get reviewed before closing out the week.
Prototype Feedback Decomp
After every prototype review we take notes and
decomp the feedback with the team. Our PM
facilitates the meeting and I am in charge of keeping
an action list with our way forward.
Slide and Document Design
In addition to UX/UI design, I help with some graphic design tasks like designing
presentation slides, creating illustrations and designing document templates.
Presentation Slides
When creating slides, work distribution can vary from
individual work on a small project to teamwork on a more
important project. As a designer in a young start-up, I have
contributed to creating a style that matches our company's
design guidelines. I’ve participated in creating presentation
slides used for marketing, investor presentations, client
meetings, and more.
Similar to slide design, I helped create a style of illustrations that fit our company brand. I’ve created illustrations using an iPad and Adobe Illustrator.
Thank You!
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