Context: University of Washington, Spring 2021
Solo Project

WorkBench is a bicycle space, tools, and knowledge program where
customers can set a time to work on their own bikes in a facility equipped
with all the necessary tools. In addition to tools and space rental, the
shop will offer mechanic knowledge in the form of classes, workshops,
and on-the-job advice. The system consists of a website that introduces 

riders to the space and a mobile app that makes it easier for regular users
to schedule appointments and connect with the community. 

I conducted a variety of primary and secondary research to guide
my design system. Figma was my main tool for synthesizing research,
performing workshops, wire framing, and prototyping. 
The Problem
I chose to focus on the bike community because it's a topic I am
passionate about and have extensive experience in. This idea was
inspired by my experience in the bike industry.

Research Methods
Secondary Research: I explored current systems related to my
idea and highlighted what things they were lacking and how I 
could make mines better. 
Primary Research: I conducted a series of questionnaires,
interviews, and photo diaries.

Current Systems Pain Points
- Unorganized and unclear on how the space works.
- Unsuited for specific needs.
- Price makes it inaccessible to some groups.

Primary Research Insights
- There is an overwhelming amount of bike knowledge and terms that
   people in the community assume everyone knows, making it an
   intimidating atmosphere for beginners.
- It’s hard and time consuming to self teach mechanics because of the
   variety of parts and lack of guidance during service videos.
- Having a foundation of bike knowledge makes it easier to learn,
   diagnose issues, and communicate with other mechanics.

Design Direction
Young bike riders (18 - 30) that have an interest in learning how to
work on their own bikes. This age range includes young adults that
don’t have the money to spend on tools or the space given they are
likely in a small residence.

Key Archetypes
Beginner - Rides but knows little to nothing about servicing.
Intermediate - Knows the basics to keep their bike maintained.
Proficient - Has sufficient knowledge to do most difficult services.

1. Create an organized system that equips bike riders with reliable
    knowledge, tools, and space to work on their own bike?
2. Provide a welcoming space for riders of all skill levels and service
    knowledge to connect with the bike community.

Design Principles
Provide quality classes, practice space, and advising.

Help riders save money in the long run or short run depending on their skills.

Invite people from all levels of riding and mechanic knowledge.
Initial wire-framing
Work Shop
I created a rough click-though of this wireframe template to
show classmates and receive feedback.
I changed the organization of the website to be more welcoming
and explanatory to beginners. The flow follows the process new
comers should go through.
Visual Exploration
Website Iterations
I created different design variations to explored the use of
iconography vs photographs and different color palettes. 
App Variations
I explored different calendar formats and color palettes. 
Design Direction
I chose a primary use of iconography rather than photos to
distinguish from current existing systems and to make it easier f
or viewers to visually understand what the space is about. 
My choice in color reflects the popular use of blue in the bike
industry while provoking a welcoming and laid back mood to my design. 
Home Page
Introduces people to WorkBench with pictures and iconography, a glimpse of what to expect for the rest of the site. This introduction makes it easier for new visitors to understand how the space works and the services provided.
Plan Your Visit
We provide a variety of general and specific classes to prepare visitors for working alone. Simple iconography helps visitors understand these services better, especially beginners in the bike community. 

Go Solo:
Work alone at a workbench or with an assistant and save money by doing your own services. The different levels assures safety and proper tool use. The different passes provide options for different needs.

Schedule appointments easily online with a calendar and filter options for services

Space Floor-plan
Familiarize yourself with the space before visiting and make the in-person experience faster and clearer
Planning Your Visit
Schedule appointments faster and easier on your phone from
anywhere. Explore the services provided from your phone to
plan your next visit.
Purchasing Parts
Save work time by purchasing parts before your visit and
find them faster through our multiple search options. The
bike diagram search is a great option for beginners and
those who can't remember the name of a specific part.
Outside The Space
Search the forum to ask and answer questions through our
multiple filters. Connect with other WorkBench Mobile
users outside the shop.
Thank You!
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